About Us

Who are we? What do we do? How can you get in touch with us?

We are a public policy practice, comprising a network of policy analysts, lawyers, scholars and photographers. We help the policy ecosystem understand the world through research, advocacy and photography. Our strengths lie in examining unexplored thematic areas and telling visually compelling stories through photography and photo essays. 
We work with various stakeholders including the government, industry organizations, companies, think tanks, trade unions, NGOs, academic centers and law firms. While the core of our practice comprises antitrust, technology, human rights, we consistently develop our strengths in other areas as well. Additionally, we facilitate institutional engagements with a reputed think tank in the field of technology policy.
Saksham Malik
Saksham is a policy analyst and photographer from New Delhi. He graduated from Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab following which he worked in the antitrust law team of a tiered law firm. He currently works as a Senior Research Associate at The Dialogue. His work in the policy sphere revolves around interdisciplinary research in the areas of competition, technology and human rights law and policy. He is focused on employing tools of policy-making, legal aid, advocacy and capacity building to advance the cause of social justice.
Anooksha Ratra
Anooksha is an India qualified arbitration and disputes lawyer with experience in commercial litigation and high-stakes infrastructure arbitration. She has worked with a tiered law firm extensively on arbitration mandates.  She is currently pursuing her International Disputes Settlement Program as an LL.M. candidate at MIDS, Geneva (2022-2023). Additionally, she is an active member of civil society, working with NGOs to help educate underprivileged children. Her work in civil society revolves around facilitating operations, building capacity of grassroots agencies, assisting in fundraising and conducting socio-legal research.
Gazal Malik
Gazal is a human rights practitioner working towards addressing child labour and gender inequalities in the global supply chains. As a trained Sociologist, her expertise lays in assessing socio-economic vulnerabilities of marginalised groups and developing human rights risk indicators for responsible business practices. She is currently positioned as Programmes and Advocacy Manager, Global Supply Chains Specialist at Global March Against Child Labour where she is engaged in policy research, advocacy and implementation of programmatic interventions in the identified zones of child labour in supply chains of coffee, shrimp and coconut in Uganda, Bangladesh and Philippines respectively.
Karan Shelke
Karan is a law graduate from Maharashtra National Law University, Mumbai, who is currently working as a policy analyst in New Delhi. He is also a course expert for the competition law course offered by a reputed ed-tech company. His interest lies in studying the intersection of technology and competition law. As a policy analyst, Karan has worked in the field of competition policy, human rights, payment security and data privacy. Karan is also involved in stakeholder engagement with networks and engaging with potential clients. In his free time, Karan likes to read about international relations and political fiction. He is a proud dog dad and likes to play football.