Unease of Doing Business - A Photography Exhibition

Delivery of services by governments is slow, complicated, and opaque. This means undue delays, repeated visits to sarkari offices, and bribes. The exhibition was a visual representation of these challenges and the lived reality of small businesses. Launched at Charcha 2022, organised by The/Nudge Institute, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Centre for Civil Society and others, we launched the exhibition 'Unease of Doing Business'.
It accompanied CCS's new model service delivery framework, that was launched by Mr. Gurcharan Das and Mr. Swaminathan Aiyer. The photos were auctioned and sold, raising a substantial sum. The biggest reason to cheer? CCS donated the entire fund raised to legal aid for street vendors, a cause we earnestly believe in. As a side bonus, we've finally brought photography and public policy together!