We undertake research on a wide range of thematic areas; including technology, antitrust, human rights, arbitration and private equity. Click on the images below to read some of our past work.

Finance Committee’s report on the Competition (Amendment) Bill is a laudatory call for clarity and reasoned analysis

Competition (Amendment) Bill, 2022: Responsive policy making in action

Competition (Amendment) Bill, 2022: Key changes, evolution and analysis

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Interaction of Fintech with Privacy and Security: A tale of Changing Priorities

Antitrust app store wars: timeline and impact on consumers and app developers

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Competition Law through a Gender Lens: The role of CCI in fighting gender inequality

Indian Merger Control Thresholds: Effects of recent amendments on Digital Markets

Digital Divide and the Scheduled Tribes in India:
Extent, Consequences, and Challenges

De jure independence of the Competition Commission of India

India: Hipster or Humane? A story of caste and antitrust

Ending manual scavenging: policy making needs to innovate beyond compensation

RBI’s CoF and Tokenisation Guidelines: Assessing the Preparedness of the Payments Ecosystem

Comments: Our Response to InDEA 2.0 [Co-authored]

Explained: The antitrust concerns Flipkart and Amazon raise in India

Analysis: Report of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on the PDP Bill, 2019

Counter Comments: Consultation Paper on Regulatory Framework for Promoting Data Economy [Co-authored]

RBI's CoF and Tokenisation Guidelines: Analysing the potential impact on Digital Payments Industry [Co-authored]